I blend in with All, No one can tell or smell the differences

I am a giant who is 10ft tall but yet so small no one can see.

I smile like them all trying to ignore, our fears of life and what will be’s.

You will never see me I’m on the wall but you can not see me as I am not there at all.

I can blend I can fake but for the sake, I do nothing at all I just sit there and wait.

I am a chameleon who is in awe of this world staring at you, in a barrage of camouflage trying to observe a world that has not yet thawed.

We do nothing, we pass by others who are a passenger in this life of ours as we all have our own reasons to ignore what a snore this time-lapse is like an oar drifting down a busy stream, but does anyone see, me for me or you for you

We blend so no one takes notice, we blend to avoid the unwanted looks, from those who are Chameleons just like us, they are quick to judge and ridicule but do they want to take off their camouflage and be naked to the world.

We are a world of Chameleons.